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Friday, March 26, 2010

"Intiwaney (of love)"

"Intiwaney (of love)":

...One day the young boy went by Intiwaney's house while she was away with her family. Chikiray rubbed small seeds into grain of the wood floors and walls of her house. When Intiwaney returned from the long day of working the fields in the hot sun, she fell straight to sleep. In the morning she awoke to the smell of a thousand budding blossoms that had grown in the night and blanketed her house with sweet smelling white flowers. Even compared the tremendous beauty of the lands of the Malka Maya Intiwaney had never seen such wonders. She ran to the home of Chikiray and wrapped her arms tightly around his chest. Chikiray had almost forgotten what he had done to deserve such a greeting and then his absent mindedness gave way to a surprise of happiness and love. He embraced Intiwaney and for the first time in their youthful bonds sprung free and met with a kiss...

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