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Friday, March 26, 2010

"Huaca Kunjulat and the Gate of Pahasqa Ñan"

"Huaca Kunjulat and the Gate of Pahasqa Ñan":
A tunnel formed in the raging river that led down to the river bottom. The mud spreading under his feet as he stepped down into the depths of the water....
    "...From this gate will pour an ocean of rock that will carve the land and create a passage. For any who are destined to travel it to the heart of the earth, which draws its breath from the great jungle, shall live free from war for all time." And on the final step was written, "Once opened Pahasqa Ñan will be a scar in the earth from which will bleed death in the names of each stone written upon its foundation. For those who are not welcome to travel its passage risk oblivion."
...Upon each stone was writ the name of a dark creature, at that time unknown in the world of man. Words like scorpion, fire ant, panther.... And as Huaca Kunjulat raised his arms to the massive gate each stone fell and shattered into a thousand pieces which then turned magically into the beast and sank into the mud of the river and would rise again in the roots of the jungle.

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