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Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Moma Qocha Arghey Thasnay"-The Ocean Which Breathed Deeply to Put Out The Flame

Moma Qocha Arghey Thasnay- The Ocean that Breathed Deeply to Put Out The Flame

       In the small ocean village of Janaghey was born a man of exceptional wisdom. In the years of his youth the village was quite small and existed on the outskirts of the great Inca Empire. The villagers were all fisherman and relied on Moma Qocha, the great ocean, to provide fish for them to trade. But in those early years there was a famine and those who did not leave the village of Janaghey were starving. The boy was the son of a fisherman and went everyday to Moma Qocha with his father to pray for the famine to end and for her to call her children from the sea. As the boy's family grew hungry and there strength began to fade, the boy left the village and climbed the great hill that overlooked the sea. It was there that he planted a few seeds from his family's garden, which had never yielded a single crop. The boy prayed to Moma Qocha to bless his crop and yield food for which he might feed the hungry people of Janaghey. 
Moma Qocha heard the boys prayers upon the hill and blessed his crop. Although there was a cloud that hung over the village of Janaghey the sun always shown brightly upon the hill. A year passed and the boy returned to hill and to his surprise there grew a miraculous field of thick and hearty grain. The boy gathered as much as he could carry and returned to the village. The next day he would return to the hill with his family and harvest the grain and feed the hungry people of Janaghey. 
Years past and the boy grew strong from tending the crop upon the hill. His family built a large maloca upon the hill and harvested maze, and potatoes. The boys family grew rich and slowly forgot the blessings of Moma Qocha. The family passed into the next world and the boy lived upon the hill alone and grew old.
The village of Janaghey had prospered but many from the village told stories about the old man on the hill. Rumors of his sinility spread throughout the village and soon no one but the tradesman from the village ever visited but to exchange fish for potatoes.
Then one day Moma Qocha visited the village of Janaghey with a terrible tide. Moma Qocha Arghey, she took in a great breath and there was a stillness in the ocean. Then a howling wind and the waves from the shore pulled back revealing the fishers of the sea floor. The villagers of Janaghey all gathered at the shore to watch in awe as Moma Qocha drew back the curtain of the sea. It was only the old man upon the hill who could sea the great wave that formed a still wall of dark blue upon the horizon. He had but moments, so the old man took a hot ember from his stove and ran out into his fields. He lit the crops that had yielded his families riches aflame, then ran to the house that he and his father had built and it to was set to fire. The towering blaze grew high in the air and soon the villagers at the shore ran up the hill to stop the crazy old man from destroying his crops. 
It was just then that a tidal wave crashed upon the village and the Janaghey was no more. Yet all villagers were saved, because of the selfless actions of the old man upon the hill. It was that day that he was honored with the title Pacha Janaghey, the living god of the village by the sea. 
In the days following the disaster Pacha Janaghey left his home and traveled in the last years of his life into the Jungle to seek the Malka Maya and live forever in the ancestral lands.

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