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Friday, March 26, 2010

"The Cave of the Last Chacmool" (Jaguar Demon)

"The Cave of the Last Chacmool" (Jaguar Demon):

I remained in the pitch dark moving slowly, deeper into the cave, following the stone steps that seemed to go on endlessly and were made slick at points by black mold and small brown pools of drying blood. The wall of a the cave glinting in the torches flame. Strange writing carved all along the walls, written in the dark caves by ancients who knows how long ago. Then as I traveled a few steps further, I froze at the sight of a massive jaguar head peeking out from the wall of the cave. My heart became solid as a stone, my hair as straight and rough as a boar. I backed away preparing a striking stance but the jaguar did not move, it did not breathe, its gleaming eyes were stone. I quickly stepped forward to try to scare the jaguar into movement but realized that the head was carved into the cave wall and further into the cave hundreds of jaguar heads were hewn, bearing their stone teeth. A deep fear mixed in my belly, for I knew that this cave must be a sacred cave to the ancient Pacha Chuyru home to the Chacmool the greatest and most feared of the red jaguar.

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